Atlantic Watersports can take you to the most popular boating event of the year. Party at one of the biggest parties of the year in Florida among thousands of boats.
Lake Boca in Boca Raton

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The Boca Bash is set to take place in the spring each year on Lake Boca ("Boca Lake" to some) in Boca Raton, Florida. This informal gathering of boats has been growing in size every year and it seems each year the party gets a little bit crazier.

Boca Bash is best known for large raft-ups - sometimes of dozens of boats, hot bodies, and plenty of libations. It also has somewhat of an infamous reputation for underage drinking and inexperienced, inebriated teenagers attempting to operate Mommy and Daddy's boat.

Local Advice: Anchor on the north end of Lake Boca in the deeper water. Here, your boat will be safer and the crowds of wandering drunkards will be far enough away in the shallower, knee-deep water over the sandbar. Bring a dinghy or swim over to the sandbar to get a closer look at the festivities, all the time knowing that your prized watercraft is safe and sound.

A word about BWI / BUI (Boating While Intoxicated / Boating Under the Influence)...

After an unfortunate near drowning of an underage party goer a few years ago, Boca Raton Police Department and FWC have stepped up patrols and efforts at the event. My experience is that they typically leave people alone, but they will conduct their usual safety inspections (so make sure you have enough life jackets) and if they suspect you have been drinking prepare to be breathalyzed. In Florida, the BAC limit for a boat is .08 - the same as a car. For minors (under 21), the limit is .02 BAC.

The only way to get to Boca Bash is by boat. So consider one of our Party Boat Charters - Our captain will be happy to take you to anchor out for the party.


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